Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

What is physical therapy?

Physical Therapy is recommended for children who have been injured or have difficulty with movement due to injury, illness or developmental delays.  Physical Therapists (PT) help strengthen muscles, gain range of motion, and improve balance and coordination; with the goal of improving mobility and function.  Physical Therapists specialize in working with children from birth to 18 years of age, therapy is incorporated into play using toys such as:  therapy balls, various swings, trampoline, riding toys and more.  The primary goal is to help each child reach his or her fullest potential in activities at home, school and in the community.  If a child is unable to crawl or walk on their own, the physical therapist can help determine what type of adapt equipment, walker or crutches will help them improve their mobility. 

Why Physical Therapy?

The PT and Physical Therapy Assistant (PTA) are here to help you and your child through one on one direct intervention.  Partnering with the parents, our goal is to help the child reach their full potential to explore their environment through movement, on step at a time. 

Children may benefit from physical therapy for a variety of reasons such as:

  • My son seems to be uncoordinated in comparison to his peers.
  • My adopted son requires orthopedic bracing/surgery due to a stroke at birth.  He needs help to strengthen his legs and arms to learn how to move.
  • Our son just got diagnosed with cerebral palsy.  How can we receive services?
  • After a car accident, my daughter received a traumatic brain injury and needs to relearn how to move.
  • No diagnosis has been given, but my son has been behind in reaching his developmental milestones.
  • After breaking his leg, our son is really weak.  Both he and I need to learn how to help him regain his strength.
  • My daughter was born premature and is now 2 years of age and unable to walk.

When is Physical Therapy needed?

Physical therapy might be needed anytime a problem with movement limits someone’s daily activities.  Doctors often recommend physical therapy for kids with the following:

  • Sports injuries
  • Developmental delays
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Genetic disorders
  • Orthopedic disabilities/injuries
  • Heart and lung conditions
  • Birth defects (such as spina bifida)
  • Effects of in-utero drug or alcohol exposure
  • Acute trauma
  • Head injury
  • Limb deficiencies
  • Muscle diseases

Physical Therapy Treatment

Our physical therapist develop a plan of care that meets the individual needs of each child, and include a variety of strengthening, stretching, coordination, and balance activities.  Physical Therapy is hard work yet fun at No Limits Therapy Company.  The PT or PTA might address the following:

  • Developmental activities, such as crawling and walking
  • Balance and coordination activities
  • Adaptive play
  • Training to build strength around an injury
  • Flexibility exercises to increase range of motion
  • Instruction on how to avoid injuries
  • Safety and prevention programs
  • Implement the Ready Body Learning Minds protocol*

* Ready Body Learning Minds is a powerful approach to sensory integration, motor learning and academic success.  It is an award winning motor lab with strategies and specific easy to implement activities.  The activities were built on a broad foundation and deliver real measurable academic improvement.

Our Physical Therapists

Megan McClain, PTA

Megan is a lifetime resident of Independence County. She graduated from Cedar Ridge High School and then continued her eduction at Arkansas State University in Jonesboro, Arkansas. She is married and a mother to a precious baby boy.